B   A   T   T   L   E      R   O   Y   A   L   E

Life on Fire is a multiplayer PVP battleground shooter PC game developed by Astatine Group.

Konahola Island

It’s a 10 x 10 km Desert map which is covered by ocean and distributed in 6 Islands by river. It has some secret places player have to find that out by own. 

Unicorn Island

It’s a 10 x 10 km city and village island which is distributed in 5 mini islands divided by river. Unicorn Island covers city and village area where in village you can use animals to travel.

The Demon Forest

It has different types of forests, various abandoned towns, mountain ranges and animals that can attack a player if they get attacked by others. The Demon Forest map will release soon….

Eclipse lost Island

It’s a special island which will be available for players after every 5 months for 1 month with new places and new missions every time. Update will carry new guns vehicle hidden places etc. Its a small 4×4 km Island surrounded by ocean and distributed into 2 islands.

System Requirement and Developers

Life on fire is currently developing under Astatine group and Craft Production Group with the help of Unreal Engine and will release soon on Epic Games Launcher.


Astatine Group is a website developing company and entering in gaming industry with its first game Life on Fire battle royale. 


Craft Production Group is a game development studio and working on Life on Fire in collaboration with Astatine Group.

System Requirement

System Requirement